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Mazel Tov! You're a Kallah! At Binyan Chaim, we believe that every bride deserves to step into marriage with confidence. That's why we offer financial assistance for essential pre-marital classes. Start your marriage with support and guidance—because every Kallah deserves the best beginning.

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Empowering Kallahs

Each Donation Partners You with a Kallah Undertaking This Great Mitzvah

Every donation to Binyan Chaim plays a unique role. As a contributor, you enable teachers and Kallahs to learn together, with their learning being in the merit (Zechus) of your donation. It's more than a donation; it's your involvement in the great mitzvah of Taharas Hamishpacha. Join us in building lives, one partnership at a time.

Any donation of $250 and above will partner you with a specific kallah who will learn and daven in your merit, while maintaining the privacy of both parties.

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About Binyan Chaim

Binyan Chaim: Bridging Hearts, Building Futures

Founded in the memory of חיים ז״ל בן יעקב שמואל, Binyan Chaim is a Financial Assistance program dedicated to making Kallah classes accessible to all. Our mission is to alleviate the financial burden before marriage, ensuring that every bride-to-be receives essential pre-marital education with ease and dignity.

About Chaim

Chaim was all heart.

Chaim prioritized and valued family above all else. If he met you once, you were friends for life. His greatest strength was his genuine kindness and sincere care for Am Yisroel. What he achieved in his 33 years of life, most people take decades to accomplish.

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Binyan Chaim invites you to be a part of building lives and futures. Together, let's create a world where every individual has the opportunity to lay the groundwork for a beautiful and lasting marriage.

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Bridging Gaps for New Kallahs and Beyond

Binyan Chaim collaborates with experienced teachers to provide vital instruction, empowering individuals to enter marriage with confidence. By offering financial support, we aim to strengthen the foundation of relationships and contribute to the resilience of our communities.

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